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For us, travelling in wine country, travelling anywhere, is very personal. It is about meeting the right people, knowing where to go, having the right contacts; but it is also about exploring the new and exciting, discovering brilliant wine producers and tasting their wines, the best local restaurants, the most beautiful or unexpected corner. And it is about sharing this with others. With you!

Touring with us offers access to wineries normally less accessible to the public. There will be lunches and dinner with the owners and winemakers at their wineries and the opportunity to taste fine and rare wines. Your tour is unique and you will enjoy experiences that last a lifetime. We take a maximum of 16-20 people, intimate, yet diverse and large enough to make it enjoyable and exhilarating.



Your personal concierge with wine knowledge and style.

Having been on many tours, the second most sought after quality in a guide apart from having an affable and enthusiastic personality is knowledge of the subject. The first and most important quality is to be able to communicate and share this knowledge with other wine enthusiasts. It gives me great pleasure and pride in sharing with you that our guides are widely travelled wine experts with decades of experience who share your deep interest in wine. They are down to earth and can communicate clearly and in a manner that is easily understood. This is important when trying to explain the different appellations, soils, sub regions and the like. We pay respect to our host country as everyone knows their own home better than anyone else and we see ourselves as complimentary to them and thus we cooperate with them at all levels. Together we will clothe ourselves in the history of the area, drink in the geographical wonders and immerse our souls in the culture.


You will feel the soil in the palms of your hand, the wind blowing in your hair and the warmth of the sun gently shining upon your skin and view the expanse vineyards of the world with us. The enchanting aromas of wine will capture your heart and the moments you experience – dazzling. The perfect picture, of good friends, wine and food will be your backdrop and the moment indelibly imprinted. As we all embrace and embark on our personal wine journey, absolutely nothing can touch the magnificence of the physical experience of being there. It will be an experience that is unparalled or surpassed. Our philosophy is learn, experience and enjoy.


Availability this trip opens January 2019


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