Wines of France

It is not by mere chance that the French are considered, the world over, the custodians of fine wine. Armed with the grace of Pinot Noir and the muscular strength of a Cabernet Sauvignon we see no retreat from quality or diversity of grapes and wine styles. The French are in their element and as they famously share “Joie de vide”. We transport ourselves to the year 1153 when Bordeaux was English and the birth of the quintessential Claret of the English, a proud heritage that persists to the 21st century. Their style matchless and quality and finesse unparalleled. Probably, no country is more synonymous with wine than France. This course opens up the mystery as to the why, where, how, who and when it all began and the fascinating facts will no longer be camouflaged but brightly lit and shed light on the true depth of French wine. We journey from the Historical city of Reims in Champagne region to the summer retreat of French royalty in the Loire to the bustling enterprising cities of Bordeaux and the Rhone. Not to be left alone in terms of identity Alsace claims its pride of place hovering over two cultures and displaying enviable flexibility to the powers of the day with their wines representing this dual culture, rich, tempestuous but oh so flavourful. “C’est magnifique” and you will agree as we wander in unison through the world of French wine.

With each course there is a recommended wine list that is indicative of the classic wines of this country. We strongly encourage you to try these wines during the course of your studies.
This is a self-paced course and should take approximately 19-25 hours including study time to complete.

Course available from Fall 2019

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