Wines of Chile and Argentina

These two South American wine powerhouses carry on their shoulders the pride of South American wines. Highly concentrated in fruit, yet still incredibly sophisticated, the climate and the terroir of these countries results in wines that are as rich as they are complex.

From the exquisite Sena wine by Eduardo Chadwick, to the volume bulk wine, Chile has it all. To the north, the Casablanca region is home to many a stunning Chardonnay and moving into the Central valley we are greeted by Maipo and other famous regions, known for their rich, dark reds. The wines are an image of the terroir and the influence brought by the European settlers from the 1800’s. Chilean wines offer wines of all grape varieties and styles and qualities. We encourage you to travel through the world of wine and hear the sympathetic beat of life as it resonates through the Pampas and throughout the central valley of Chile.


The grouchos of the famed Pampas of Argentina, live and breathe the life of a cowboy herding the cattle and, at dinner time, salivate over the deliciously flavoured Asado. What better to pair with this fabulous meat dish then the signature red wines of Argentina, made from the voluptuous Malbec grape. Gently caressed from its home in Bordeaux, the Malbec grape now mostly found in France in Cahors, has been hailed as a hero in Argentina and is the grape that best represents this country’s red wine. The region of Cafayate which boasts the magnificent Torrontes grape, is a personal favourite of those with a taste for, and nose for, aromatic wines. This is Argentina’s other signature grape variety. Argentina is bordered by the Andes mountain range in the Western part of the country. This mountain range was a barrier in days of old but also offers the life sustaining water that now finds its was into thirsty vineyards.

Gifted with a wonderful climate for many varieties that require warmth and sunshine like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, you will not be disappointed in the resulting wines.

Join us for an experience of learning, enjoyment and education of unparalleled bliss.

With each course there is a recommended wine list that is indicative of the classic wines of this country. We strongly encourage you to try these wines during the course of your studies.
This is a self-paced course and should take approximately 19-25 hours including study time to complete.

Course available from Fall 2019

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