Wine Pairing Introduction

A fantastic half day that begins at 10am and end at 2.30pm. We begin with an introduction on the nutrition aspect of food and follow up with a presentation and explanation on basics of food and wine pairing. The elements of wine structure will be explored and you discover the mystery. This course will teach you who, what, why, when and the how of why specific dishes  work with a specific type of wine based on actual sensorial factors. This course is a must  for both wine professionals, restaurateurs and sommeliers. The course will enhance and develop your often not fully utilized sense of taste and together with the sense of smell your perspective of culinary concepts. Then we will be delighted with a combination of five pairing dishes and wine. This will end with a selection of desserts and sweet wines. Upon completion of this course, a certificate of completion is awarded. You will be able to pair your wine and food in a more confident manner after this course. This is not an online course.

Course available from Fall 2019

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