The word Port conjures up images of far flung away colonies with the British flag fluttering in the wind . Pass the port on the left, never the right is a well known tradition in the navy. It was the time of Britannia rules the waves and port was spread where the British went. Port hails from the wonderful country and oldest ally of Britain, Portugal. Port was discovered due to the circumstances that prevailed during the Napoleonic wars when red wine was no longer being exported from France to England. There had to be a replacement wine and where the Douro river meets the Atlantic at the cities of Oporto and Vila Nova De Gaia, was the waterway to Port captivating the world with this new wine.

In the hot and deep valley of the Douro, we are greeted with undulating and scenic topography in the form of Solcares and patamares. Here the weather is hot, humid, warmth radiating predominantly throughout the year, offerring the grapes a highly suitable environment for ripening, and leading to concentrated fruits with ample sugar levels. This fortified wine, shrouded in romance is one of the last types of wine in the world where the grapes are trodden in lagares .

The Portuguese are justifiably proud of their port. In combination with well known port houses like Taylor Fladgate, Warres,Croft and the ubiquitous Symington family the port treasures are secure for future generations.

With each course there is a recommended list of wines and/or spirits that is indicative of the classic wines and/or spirits of this country. We strongly encourage you to try these wines during the course of your studies.

This is a self-paced course and should take approximately 17-23 hours including study time to complete.

Course available from Fall 2019

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