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Elevate your team’s expertise with APWASI’s specialized online wine, spirit, and etiquette courses, designed exclusively for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, like the hotel and restaurant industry.

Our curriculum is crafted to enhance your staff’s wine knowledge, elevate service etiquette, and foster career growth within the vibrant hospitality sector. Transform your service excellence and guest satisfaction with enriched understanding and professionalism. 


Explore wine essential products from our online store that will enhance your learning experience. These handpicked items serve as practical aids to a more immersive wine education, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. 


Are you an Ambassador or Sponsor looking to work with APWASI? Whether you’re looking to expand your brand’s reach, engage with a passionate community, or contribute to the enriching world of wine & spirits, we offer a platform for mutual growth & success.


APWASI is the platform for wine beginners and enthusiasts around the world to gain wine knowledge, broadening their global knowledge of cultures.

Dr. Lee has over twenty years of experience in the wine industry, providing consultancy and training across Europe, Asia, and North America and over one hundred countries


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"Being a member of the CONFRERIE DE LA CHAINE DES ROTISSEURS I take my food and wine very seriously. This is my profession and I was expecting high standards in the level of wine courses as well. I was not disappointed and I would unreservedly recommend the wine introduction and wine pairing courses as I found these two courses which I took to be extremely useful, practical and high informative. A job well done APWASI."
George Chu
George Chu
Professional Chef

Trusted by Businesses around the world to level up their wine & etiquette skills

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